How to Create Your Very Own Ice Cream Cake from Scratch

When the heat starts cranking up during the summer, it’s time to swap those generic birthday cakes out for a unique ice cream cake. And, why shouldn’t you? They’re delicious and are absolutely perfect for an outdoor birthday party.

Now, there are a variety of ways that you can tackle a homemade ice cream cake. The easiest out of all of them would be for you to just drive to the nearest ice cream shop and pick up a cake. But, that takes away all the fun of creating one from scratch.

Instead, why not experiment with a variety of different flavors, cake bases, decorations, and toppings? An ice cream cake is fairly easy to make, and can be prepared and finished within the same day. Here is an example of a simple ice cream cake that anyone with a freezer and an oven can do. Oh, don’t worry about those ice cream shop supplies either; this requires little work and less effort.

Bake the Cake

You’ll need to bake two separate cake layers of the flavor of your choice – vanilla, chocolate, etc. This should be done in a cylindrical cake pan that has enough height to hold two cake layers along with a layer of ice cream. Essentially, the layers should resemble a thicker and wider pancake.

Is It A Sandwich Or a Cake?

Once the two cake layers have been made, you’re going to want to begin stacking them inside your cake pan. But, before you do that, you’ll need to take an ice cream flavor of your choice and scoop a generous portion out on the cake layer – feel free to mix and match flavors, embrace your inner creativity. Next, spread the ice cream out evenly and place the top cake layer over the ice cream. It should now look like a massive ice cream sandwich.

Still in the cake pan, place the entire thing inside your freezer for about 3 hours, or until it becomes well-set. Once the ice cream and the cake become one, take a knife and carefully run it around the sides of the pan to remove it entirely.

Customize Your Concoction

The next step is completely up to you. You can cover the entire cake with whipped cream or a frosting of your choice. If this is a birthday cake, buttercream works well when writing a message on the cake. It’ll firm up once in the freezer and provide a nice solid foundation for you. Once you’ve covered your cake with the garnishing of your choice, place it back inside the freezer for another hour or two. And, voila! You’ve just showed up the ice cream shop down the block from you. Now whip out those ice cream spoons and prepare to watch those jaws drop in awe.
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