How restaurant pagers work

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1Have you ever gone to a restaurant for a meal and had to wait for a table? In the past you would have to wait in the lobby or very close by until someone called out your name and said that the table was ready. If you miss that call or are not in the area at the time, you could lose your table. Not anymore. With the use of pagers in restaurant this is now a thing of the past.

Enter restaurant pagers. These units, like hme pagers, are given out to the customer who is waiting for the table. They can then roam about the area and will be alerted on the pager when the table is ready. This is especially useful if the restaurant is in the vicinity of shopping or other attractions that the customer can visit while waiting.

The system itself is quite simple. There are multiple pagers connected through radio frequency to a transmitter. The transmitter uses different frequencies depending on the unit, and it can also be changed to avoid any local interference. Once the table is ready, the cashier to hostess can press a button on the transmitter to alert the customer that the table is ready.

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