Food poisoning and safe handling of ice cream

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3Food poisoning can be very unpleasant. Since ice cream is mostly consumed by young children, pregnant women and sometimes the elderly, it is vital that an ice cream vendor is aware of how food poisoning can occur and how best to eliminate it.

Ice cream can become contaminated with bacteria by some of the following methods:



  1. Inadequate hand washing from your makers to your servers
  2. Unclean machines and equipment
  3. Using dirty ice cream shop supplies like utensils
  4. Using unclean dish cloths or serving cloths
  5. Using unclean/ unwashed gelato cups and spoons

Preventative good hygiene practices for food handlers should include;

  1. Ensuring the work space is clean and tidy.
  2. Using clean protective clothing, e.g. gloves, apron and/or overalls
  3. Protective clothing should not be worn outside the food handling area and personal garments should not be worn over the protective clothing.
  4. All handlers should keep their hair clean and neat. The use of hair nets should be used to contain hair.
  5. Food equipment should be washed, preferably in hot soapy water.
  6. Serving containers should be preferably disposable. If not, they should be cleaned and stored in a closed cupboard or shelf.
  7. If a server is unwell, they should not be assigned to serve the customer. Instead they should be giving other tasks or asked to take the day off.

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