Why Frozen Yogurt is More Preferable then Ice Cream

One delicious item that has captured the hearts of many is frozen yogurt. Now, there are many reasons why you should choose frozen yogurt over ice cream but one of the main ones stem from the emphasis of good health. Instead of typical heavy cream as a base for the dessert, frozen yogurt incorporates pure milk as a substitute – which explains the tart flavor. Below is a list of the top reasons that people prefer frozen yogurt over ice cream.

A Healthier Alternative

One of the most attractive features of frozen yogurt is the fact that it’s ultimately better for your body versus ice cream. In the spotlight, it’s seen as a low-fat, or even nonfat, alternative that’s made up of yogurt culture, flavoring, and additionally allows for honey or agave nectar to be substituted as a sugar addition. Although frozen yogurt doesn’t necessarily surpass normal yogurt when it comes to health benefits, it’s ultimately a better choice when it comes to obtaining the proper amounts of minerals and nutrients.

For the lactose intolerant individuals out there, “fro yo” isn’t rich in lactose thanks to the live cultures that break down the ingredients used in frozen yogurt. Additionally, diabetics will appreciate its low sugar content, making it safe to eat for the sugar-sensitive.


Frozen yogurt’s taste has been praised by many for its specifically tart flavor along with its delicate creaminess. Chains have been opening up all around the world to help whet appetites and many have found success in turning into chains. With something as simple as frozen yogurt cups or spoons branded with a colorful logo becoming a recognizable image among the public, it’s hard to believe that its’ success came purely from the “hype”. Many chains also offer a range of indulgent toppings and give customers the options to mix-and-match with options such as: cheesecake crust, various fruits, cereals, and even almond butter or fudge. These delectable concoctions also fare well with vegetarian crowds as companies have incorporated vegan-friendly fruits and products.

The Bottom Line

Frozen yogurt is more than just a novelty or fad, it’s a health-conscious product that’s taken the world over by storm. For all the sweet toothed ice cream lovers out there, it’s worth your time to try out the healthier alternative that has everybody raving. Grab your frozen yogurt spoons and get ready to send your taste buds on an emotional thrill ride.
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