Where to get poppy seeds in bulk?

Written by Agromart

The poppy seed is the oilseed derived from the poppy plant. These seeds have a nutty flavor and crisp texture. They are often used in pastries and several baked goods such as breads, cakes and rolls. Poppy seeds are used in savory dishes too in the form of garnish or as a spice. Outside the kitchen, poppy seed pastes are used in Ayurvedic medicine as a skin moisturiser or for the treatment of eczema and inflammations. Even though poppy seeds can be bought in supermarkets, they are usually packaged in small jars of 1 or 2.5 ounces. This tend to be expensive, especially for recipes that call for a large amount of poppy seeds.

Certain stores propose poppy seeds for sale in bulk at affordable prices. These stores propose a variety of poppy seeds of different colors ranging from beige, grey, blue or black. Each variety contains differing amount of morphine.

Specialised markets and spice stores

Poppy seeds can be found in bulk in Indian, European and other specialised markets such as Mediterranean markets. These cuisines of the world make use poppy seeds in some of their recipes. For example, the Korma in Indian cuisine and the Polish makowiec.


Online stores are easily accessible and offer a good value for money on bulk purchases. These stores usually partner with a poppy seeds producers to be able to sell their stocks.

Agromart is an online poppy seeds supplier selling mainly the “New Blue Poppy Seed”, a type of seed with the lowest morphine content.

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