Where to find Poppyseed


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Poppy seeds are often added to several recipes for a touch of originality. These seeds have a pleasant nutty flavor and provide a good crunchy texture to dishes. Several health benefits have been associated to a regular consumption of the poppy seed, especially the blue poppy. These seeds are packed full with nutrients and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorous. They also favor a good digestion, enforce the immunity system and strengthen the bones.

Poppy seeds have been used for centuries in several recipes such as pastries and baked goods ranging from breads, rolls and cakes. These are also used as a garnish and spice in savoury dishes. Adventurous cooks have also devised some unconventional recipes such as the poppy seed butter in lieu of the peanut butter or the poppy pesto. Traditional recipes of the world such as the Indian Korma or the Polish makowiec also include poppy seeds as an essential ingredient.

These seeds are not easily available in bulk and people are often asking themselves where to buy poppy seeds. You may find poppy seeds in small containers in most supermarkets. These are not really convenient if your recipes requires a large quantity of poppy seeds. Alternatively, some specialized markets and spice stores also sell poppy seeds in bulk. If you are unable to find such a market in your locality, a simple solution would be to order in bulk online. Bulk orders will constitute of a better value for money.

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