What Kinds of Foods are Best for a Detox Diet Recipe

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Your body naturally flushes out toxins, but we have collectively put far more into our bodies than ever before thanks to processed junk and fast food. Our bodies were meant to handle natural foods, so a detox can help counterbalance those poor life choices. Right?

It turns out that detox dieting the wrong way can compound problems. Before you detox, it helps to be aware of facts like the potential high potassium foods have in counteracting sodium. If you’re considering a detox diet, here are the important concepts you need to know.

What Does “Detox” Really Mean

Part of the problem with many detox juice recipes is that people misunderstand what a detox is supposed to do. Detoxes do help flush toxins out of the body, but you don’t need to flood your body for that to take effect. Instead, a detox should be part of a process aimed at aiding your digestion and replenishing your body’s nutrients.

It also provides a brief period in your life where you can start a supplement for an extra boost of energy. Detoxes are useful before you start a workout routine, when your body needs those nutrients to get over the initial hump. They are a helpful first step in weight loss, and a form of control for those who suffer from indigestion.

However, without the proper foods a detox diet can go wrong.

Foods to Be Mindful Of

Fiber is the magic ingredient to include in most of your vitamix recipes. Without fiber, your body is losing the very element it needs to reduce toxins. Fiber binds to the toxins in our body and flushes them out of our system. These toxins have been inside of us for a long time. There is a good chance that one detox won’t reduce everything from your body.

According to Blender Babes, you need “constant cleansing” that will continually restore the nutrients in your body. Consider detox part of a process, not an instant cure-all. Most of the time that people lose several pounds during a detox, they only lost water weight. That weight will almost always come back because it isn’t fueled by the right kinds of nutrients.

Tips for a Better Detox

There are lots of detox recipes, so choosing one you like is largely up to you. However, you can still use these tips to stay healthy:

  • Stay hydrated. Most of us rarely get enough water as it is, so staying hydrated is very important when your body is flushing out toxins.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself. Start slowly, create attainable steps with measurable progress along the way. That’s the key to success.


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