Topping ideas for an ice cream sundae bar

An ice cream sundae bar can be a good addition to your ice cream store as it can provide customers with the chance to build their sundae. According to Gelato Products, creating your own ice cream sundae bar can be easy as following the steps below.

Sauces – Making fresh sauces is a good way to differentiate your offerings. Look at making sauces like homemade raspberry, strawberry, burnt butter caramel, and chocolate. Place them in pump down bottles or plastic squeeze bottles for easy self-serving.

Crunchy toppings – Crunchy toppings add texture and interest to a sundae. Look at candy pieces like M&Ms or gummy bears, which will be a hit with the kids. Crumbled cookies like Oreo cookies are a favorite with the adults. Nuts toasted and roughly chopped can be popular with older children and adults alike. Baking Chips are also a good choice, think of chocolate chips, butterscotch or even mint chips.

Finishing touches – Whipped cream is a must as it completes a traditional Add a bowl of sprinkles and cherries to bring out the nostalgic sundae feels.

Ice cream flavors – Remember to keep the ice cream flavors simple as you want your toppings to shine. Look at flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

Signage – Since most sundae stations are self-serve, look at marking your toppings clearly so that customers can easily identify them.

Ensure you start your service with bowls and plastic yogurt spoons that are suitable to eat a sundae.


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