Operating a First-Class Ice Cream Parlor

Written by Gelato Products.

It’s important to make a great first impression when you open your ice cream, yogurt or gelato shop. Find out three questions you should ask yourself before opening your store.

When you open up an ice cream, yogurt or gelato shop, it’s important that everything is done right from the beginning. You may not have a second chance to impress customers with the quality of your products or the ambience when they visit your parlor. From the ice cream shop supplies that you use to how you decorate your shop, every item will have a significant impact on your ability to get return business and customers telling their friends to visit.

Here are a few things that you should consider as you decide how to make your ice cream, yogurt or gelato shop stand out from the crowd:

Do you want to start your own business or be a part of a franchise?

Owning a location of an existing franchise has its benefits. Your business will be associated with a trusted name that already has an established method of doing business and branding their shop. At the same time, you will be limited as to what you can do as an individual business owner. For example, you will have to use the parent company’s ice cream spoons instead of being able to choose your own. If freedom and control is important to you, you should open your own business.

What do you want your brand to say to your customers?

The image you portray to your customers can vary greatly depending on who these customers are and what they are expecting. If you are an ice cream shop looking to bring in children, the ambience and atmosphere of your shop will be very different than if you are running a gelato shop and want adult customers. These differences will extend beyond just the product or the decorations of your store. Every aspect can extend this brand, such as gelato cups and spoons that are a good fit for the decor of your store.

Are you using the highest quality equipment and supplies?

People notice quality through all aspects of your business. This starts with the equipment you are using to make and store your frozen treats all the way through the cups, cones, straws and spoons that customers use when they are eating. It’s tempting to settle for the “cheapest” products available as a way to cut costs, but this usually is reflected in the customer experience. There are plenty of online sites such as Gelato Products that offer high quality supplies and equipment at affordable prices.


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