Fundraise for Little Leagues When You Open an Ice Cream Stand

Written by: Gelato Products

Summer is almost upon us, which means it’s time for boys and girls all over the US to hit the field and fight for their chance at being champions for their Little League. It’s also time for parents, siblings and friends to scout out ways to beat the heat and watch games from the stands without feeling beaten down by the sun. Frozen yogurt suppliers can go a long way to helping out with that feeling of fatigue with a cold treat to melt away the warm weather. Here are some tips for you to start your own shop at your local field, and raise some funds for the league.

Keep it Clean

A soft serve machine is a wonderful addition to any field-side café, but make sure you stock up on frozen yogurt paper cups. Your guests might not all want a cone, and cups gives them a chance to relax and let their ice cream melt a little (if they are into that). If you serve only cones, you also miss out on valuable branding opportunities. You can get the word out about the league and help recruit other kids, just by ordering custom packaging when you order your cups online.

Personalized ice cream cups are relatively inexpensive (often only a few cents more per cup to cover printing costs), so they are a cost effective way to promote your league on and off the field. The cups bearing your logo will end up in trash cans all over the surrounding area, which will let people know where they can go for tasty treats and baseball action!

Applying the Funds

The funds you make selling ice cream should go back into the upkeep of the field, and the teams that play there. It’s up to you and your members to decide which will take priority. Upgrading from wood to steel bleachers is a good idea. They have better supports and shouldn’t rust when exposed to weather. Plus, they won’t require as much upkeep.

Putting money into the teams is another good idea, and reduces your need to do fundraising through outside sponsorships. At the very least, the costs of things like uniforms or equipment for the teams to practice with can be substantially reduced.

Final Thoughts

Summer isn’t quite summer without baseball, ice cream and the outdoors. Raise money for your teams and the fields they play on with a tasty summer treat.

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