Why You Should Allow a Guy to Pay for the First Date

Written by New York Socials

Dating should be a pleasant experience. But first dates can be a little nerve-racking, especially when all you can think about is what you should or shouldn’t do and say on that first night out. One of the most common first date questions is whether a woman should split the bill with a guy on the first date. The short answer? No. As a leading matchmaker in New York and founder of a member’s only dating club, I’ve found that it’s never a good idea to split the bill with a guy on the first time out. Here are the top reasons you should allow your date to foot the bill.

For Chivalry’s Sake

Ladies: If you want to be wooed by a guy, the first date is the perfect opportunity to allow him to do just that. High end dating services in NYC such as the ones offered by NY Socials encourage men to always pay for the first date because that’s what true gentlemen do. Give him the stage and see what he does. He can make a good first impression. If you offer to go Dutch on the bill, he will never have that chance.

It Sets a Bad Example

While splitting the dinner bill with a best friend, sibling, or even a parent is a fair gesture, splitting the bill with a guy on a first date can set a bad precedent. A confident woman shouldn’t feel uncomfortable being treated to a nice night out. While you don’t want to be greedy, a genuine thank you shows that you know your worth and that you’re grateful for the good time.

When It’s Okay

It’s hard to say exactly when it’s okay to split the bill or even offer to pay for a date. If the first date goes well and he asks you on a second and even third date, you can offer to pay for half, but a true gentleman might not allow you to pay. You can return the gesture by paying for dessert or drinks afterward or ask him out on a date and make sure he knows it’s your treat. At least you can try, and the gesture will show that you’re not a gold digger.
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