Types of Frozen Desserts

Written by Gelato Products

There are several types of frozen desserts that at first sight might look like ice-cream but each of them have their specific recipes and differences in terms of texture and taste.

Frozen Custard

This frozen dessert is based on egg yolks mainly. This gives the typical yellow color to the dessert and brings a great richness and smoothness in terms of texture.

Frozen Yogurt

This type of dessert is different in the sense that unlike ice-cream which is made from fresh milk, this one is made from cultured milk. This is what provides a tangy flavor and quick thick texture, just like that of the yogurt. Frozen yogurt is often regarded as a low-fat alternative to regular ice-creams.


This is a rich frozen dessert based mostly on dairy and containing about 8% of fat and 12 to 16% of sugar. This is a typically Italian dessert and has a denser texture compared to regular ice-cream as less air is included during the freezing process.


This is a fresh and crunchy dessert that does not contain dairy. Granitas are mostly made out of fruits, sugar and water. The crunchy texture is brought by ice crystal that are kept quite coarse. Granitas normally come in tangy flavors such as lime or herbs and tend to be used as palate cleansers in restaurants.

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