Interesting and unusual kitchen gadgets

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There are hundreds of little kitchen gadgets that are available when shopping online. Here we take a look at a few most interesting and useful ones.

Orange peeler

Find it annoying to peel an orange? This is the gadget for you. It makes cutting and peeling the skin off tough oranges easy

Lemon juice sprayer

Another unusual tool which you can screw into a lemon once the top has been cut. The juice from the lemon can then be sprayed over salads etc.

Silicone pancake rings

Ever wanted the perfectly shaped pancake? These silicone rings can be kept on a pan and used as shapes. As they are silicone they are also flexible, making it easy to remove and clean. These can also be used for eggs.

Nonstick mat

Cleaning pans after cooking can be quite painful, depending on how tough the grit is. These mats are placed over pans and can be used to cook. Afterward, just discard the mat and you still have a clean pan.

Fruit baller

Add an extra level of cool to your party fruit punch by including small fruit balls. This scoop can be used on any solid fruit like Watermelon, Mango etc.

Stainless steel potato cutter

Make potato chips easily with this whole potato cutter. Insert a potato and pull the handle down and get perfectly cut chips.  There are also spiral peelers to peel the potato before.

This is just a taste of the various little gadgets that are available for the kitchen available at any online shop.


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