How to Create a Travel Ice Cream Business

Ice Cream BusinessLots of people are exploring side jobs that might blossom into career opportunities one day, and a travelling ice cream business is a fun one to start. You get the rewards of making a kids party, high school social, social gathering or corporate retreat that much more fun along with the revenue gain. Once you’ve got the basics, like a van and proper cooling and storage materials, you’re just about ready to start.

Branded Materials

The more you can get your brand in front of people, the better for your business. Coffee cups and lids with your brand logo are easy to order in bulk, cost effective and help get the word out as people are leaving the party. It might be wiser to package coffee this way just because yogurt tends to be consumed at the party, parents leave with coffee cups. If that parent hits the market or takes a trip anywhere other than straight home, you can bet your logo will be getting some face time.

Be Prepared

You will need a lot more than just ice cream if you want to make the business work as anything more than a hobby. Order gelato supplies like cups, lids, plastic spoons, pan liners to hold the ice cream, spoons for toppings and plenty of ice. You’ll also need the toppings themselves, so it might be a good idea to bring along someone who can cut fresh fruit or crumple candy bars for customers to put in their cups.

It’s also a great idea to invest in a coffee machine, some coffee grounds and filters. Sweets seem to bring out a need for coffee in adults.

Go to Your Customers

The final component is to make sure you have a method of getting to you customers. A van works best, but lots of people haul equipment around in a truck. At first, you’ll probably use your personal vehicle. You can print out vehicle wraps and attach them to your car’s body for an advertising boost, or print up t-shirts for a modest price.

Follow the Law

The final, and most important rule to be mindful of is the rule of law. The law dictates how you handle food, how you can serve and what licenses you need in order to do business legally. Even if you’re doing a test run of your business for a trusted family friend, you need to be sure you’re covered in the event of an emergency.


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